Big Black Dick Hosoude Hanjou-ki

The dom stroked my cock and told the 10” guy to get in front of me so I could deepthroat him again. The dom was dressed in leather, stockings, boots and was wearing a strap-on.

Hentai: [Takasugi Kou] Hosoude Hanjou-ki (Comic Erochari 2011-06) [Chinese] [嗷呜个人翻译]

Hosoude Hanjou-ki 1Hosoude Hanjou-ki 2Hosoude Hanjou-ki 3Hosoude Hanjou-ki 4Hosoude Hanjou-ki 5Hosoude Hanjou-ki 6

[タカスギコウ]細腕繁盛記(コミックエロチャリ 2011年6月号) [中国翻訳]

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