Animation Ama Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 – The Idolmaster Movie

” umm Jake wake up are you ok Jake get up ”

” what Amy what's going on what am I doing on the floor and why is my head killing me”

” do you really expect me to know that im just as curious as you are so are you feeling ok”

“apart from my head yeah fine but I cant remember what happened last night at all the only thing I remember was being at work walking home and then its a blank”

“stay here ill get you some coffee see if that helps you wake up or at least remember something” I kept trying to remember what happened but then like a bad dream it all came back to me the dam rock exploding the unsettling pain in my head or the fact my body felt like it was going to burn up or maybe it was the fact of passing out from feeling so drain and lifeless but before I could think more into it Amy came back in

“so you feeling any better yet or do I have to beat you up a little” Amy said with a cute girly giggle “look im fine you just worry to much and im sorry I had to work late ok but I have the day off so that means we could have a movie night just like the old days” Amy smiled for a second but before the conversation could carry on she looked down and saw the blood soaked bandage wrapped around my hand “Jake oh my god what happened what did you do” she just stared at my hand with a shocked look on her face “calm down ok I just had a slip up ok just a little accident in the kitchen nothing big” I said trying to calm her down as best my words could but it didn't seem to be working she just stared at me with a puppy dog look in her blue eyes staring at me before saying “well if I don't worry about you who will so does it really hurt” I lifted my hand up and pushed it towards her teasing her because she like most 12 year olds are squeamish

“Jake stop it you know I hate blood especially when its up close” she said with a giggle but Amy wasn't exactly what most people would call a girly girly she hated the sight of blood but always enjoyed scaring me half to death at any opportunity and loved the most violent movies you could think of but then a thought rushed into the back of my head I quickly looked to my left seeing that it was 8:49 in the morning I was already failing college but I didn't want it to get any worse so I ran up stairs as fast as I could almost knocking Amy down on the way to my room I bolted threw the door quickly taking my shirt off and tossing it on the floor I striped down trying to find some clean clothes to wear finally I found a clean pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that I quickly chucked on but just as I was about to leave the room I looked back and caught myself in the mirror I don't know what it was but my face seemed different more full of colour and my eyes seemed a darker shade of blue my hair still brown and messed up I pulled my top back off seeing that my hole body looked different I kept myself in shape making sure to go to the gym and even boxing when i have the time i also eat as healthy as i can but something was different I quickly snapped back to reality remembering how late I was I put my top back on and rushed down the stairs grabbing my backpack on the way

” ill be back later ok Amy I promise just our movie night like the old days” I said with a smile before rushing out the door closing it behind me I put my back pack on and ran as fast as I could across the street across the road dodging every car trying to make up for lost time but something felt different I wasn't tired anymore I felt better than I had ever felt before I wasn't out of breath I didn't feel tired I felt like I had the strength of 10 men my speed never let up it was the fastest id ever ran my hole life and for once my body felt like it wasn't going to collapse on me for once I actually felt good better than good I felt great I ran passed the subway narrowly missing every person I could before I reached the park I paused for a second looking around noticing that there was police tape around the gate entrance and cops trying to keep people away but I had no time to be distracted again so I kept on running as faster and faster untill I finally made it I almost knocked down the door walking threw the main entrance I looked around the hallway seeing it was clear not a soul in sight I sprinted down the hall up 3 flights of stairs until I was out side the door of my class I looked slowly opening the door hoping I could sneak in and sit in the back row so no one would notice but this wasn't the case I barely stepped a foot in the class before every one turned to face me “oh crap” was all I could mutter under my breath before walking in

” Mr hale I assume there is a good reason your appearing in my classroom so late” was all I herd as I sat down taking my seat next to Kyle “uh yeah sure there is” I replied making Kyle laugh witch didn't exactly help my situation “well would you care to enlighten us on what exactly the reason is” Mr daten said seeming to get more pissed off by Kyle laughing “um my alarm clock broke” but just as I said that everyone seemed to think it was funny how I was fumbling for words and datens reaction “I trust you wont be falling asleep in this lesson Mrs Clements informs me of your total lack of concentration so I trust you wont be treating my class as a bedroom” he replied with a smug look across his face “no of course not your class puts me to sleep a lot faster than my bedroom” I said with a smirk just to piss him off as much as he pisses me off but everyone just seemed to keep on laughing including Kyle who wasn't trying to hide it that well daten just looked at everyone and told them a page number to look up in there books

” yo so Jake what happened to you last night you never showed up I mean I tried to call and that didn't even work man”

“sorry guess I was working later than I realised I was but don't sweat it ill be at your next one”

” that's what I like to hear because you need to loosen up no joke you need to have some fun every now and then bro and you always know that your dearest good looking friend is here for you” but just as Kyle said that I couldn't help but laugh “see that's why I like you your humour” I replied with a pat on his back before looking threw my book as I turned the pages my hand it was starting to burn again I looked down trying not to draw attention to myself my hand just seemed to get hotter and hotter I could feel it where the knife cut into me it was like my hand was a blaze I started to sweat not sure how to stop the pain or what the hell was wrong with me untill I couldn't take it I grabbed my back pack and went to the door as fast as I could pulling it wide open before slamming it shut my hole body started to burn again I could feel the buzzing in my ears the pain in my head was coming back but only worse this time I staggered down the hallway and managed to make it into the guys locker room witch was bare and empty but the pain took over I fell to the ground on my knees almost shouting in agony I ripped the bandage off my hand and my heart skipped a beat as I saw the same black tar bonding with my skin I felt my hand getting worse but as I looked down it was healing the skin was growing back even though I could barely keep my eyes on it with the pain spreading through my hole body the ringing just became louder in my head untill nothing the burning started to stop the ringing was fading away and my hand the cut was completely gone but I couldn't move off of my knees I was to scared and shook up by what just happened what the fuck is happening to me was all I could think as I kneeled there in complete silence trying to slow my breathing my brain was going crazy again trying to fit all the peace's together the meteor rock the police blocking off the park the tar that was all over me or even the fact of how I felt this morning the times passed so quickly just sitting there trying to calm down but how could I i was so freaked out so much so that I could barely move I must of been sitting there for half an hour until I new I couldn't stay here forever so I stood up feeling a little uneasy grabbing my back pack and opening the door totally lost in my mind thinking over and over I started walking down the hallway and resting my head up against a wall close to a classroom door with in five minutes the halls were filled with people trying to make there way to other classes but my mind was still blurred I didn't even notice when Claire walked passed me

“Jake I've been looking for you not trying to hide away are you” I looked right ahead seeing Claire standing in front of me still wearing my jacket I gave to her to keep warm “uh wouldn't dream of it” I replied with a half hearted smile trying not to let her know something was up but she just smiled back at me making me feel even more nervous “so are you feeling better from last night” but just as I was going to reply I saw Kyle and a bunch of his friends staring over at me and Claire talking smiling and laughing that I actually had time to talk to a girl for once “oh yeah well all the better for seeing you here” I muttered making her blush “i have to go to my next class but did you want to meet up for lunch later” Claire said still blushing ” wouldn't miss it for the world” I replied trying to stand up on my feet and get my balance “great ill meet you here at 12 then” and before she said another word she shot me another smile and went off to class my brain still distracted on what was going on with me but what ever it was it was going to have to wait ” hey hey hey Jake who in the name of hot chicks was that I mean dam man now that's how you really need to relax” Kyle said wrapping his arm around me and nudging me “no one you know so try not to think to much about her

” hey no hate man I just think its nice to see you talking to a chick for once instead of working all the time oh and by the way what happened to you today man daten is so pissed off man your in it this time”

“yeah well there's nothing new there then besides I have bigger things on my mind at the moment to worry about”

“what like this mysterious chick you never told me about yeah I see what things are on your mind bro”

“you know you really do talk way to much and shut up we better be getting to class anyway”

“wow Jake actually wants to go to class for once are you feeling ok” Kyle said laughing at me we started walking down the hall and back down a flight of stairs and across the campus but I still couldn't stop looking at my hand wondering what happened to me I mean I had my hand sliced open then it suddenly heals like my hole body is freaking out but I was so immersed staring at my hand and day dreaming my mind went blank as I was once again landing flat on my back feeling my body hit the floor “oh my god you again what is your problem with me what are you trying to get a good look or something” I opened my eyes realising I just obviously hit some one but when I saw who it was my luck made a turn for the worst it was that same blond girl who I ran into last time and to make it even worse she had a group of friends with her who seemed to just keep laughing at me after helping her up I managed to get to my feet and gain my balance ” oh yeah I forgot you don't speak very well do you or is it that your just some perv who likes getting a good look” I couldn't help but just laugh at how serious she took her self thinking she was gods gift to men she and her friends just stood there watching me with a confused stare “what's so funny perv did I say something to make you laugh” she said spattering her words at me “well kind of I mean you really need to get your attitude checked out maybe you should go see a doctor and work through some of those issues you have with other people trying to act like your something your not” she just looked at me with a blank stair on her face “well would you believe that never figured you would be the one lost for words” I replied with a smug smile before pushing passed the guy that was standing next to her I turned around seeing everyone stare at me but either it was there issue not mine so I just kept walking across campus walking up another flight if stairs untill I reached Mrs Clements class again I walked straight to the back taking my usual seat with Kyle and couple of other friends the class seemed to go by pretty quickly untill lunch

“so Jake my man a group of us are going to the cinema tomorrow night to watch a movie you in bro and maybe you could bring this mystery chick of yours and before you say you have to work come on man have some fun for once ok”

“uh yeah why not what have I got to lose I get off work at 3 so any time after that im free”

“yes see now this is where you start having fun man and that's fine with me bro the movie starts at 3:30 so ill see you there at 20 passed man”

“yeah cool sounds good to me” I said standing up and walking out of the class with Kyle

” ok bro well I got to go and meet sally you know that chick I told you about the one with the amazing looking body well nature calls my man and its calling a lot so latters dude” Kyle said walking off and disapering into the crowed so I turned around and kept walking back to the other side of campus to meet Claire the sun was hot to the touch witch only made me think about this morning the burning all over my body and the sound in my head I had to shut my brain off and stop thinking about it it wasn't like I could do anything about it so I just kept walking untill I reached the lockers and waited for Claire to turn up I leaned my head back and closed my eyes clearing my mind of everything untill I felt a nudge in my side where some one just poked me “hey so do you know any place we could go for lunch then” I herd Claire ask as I looked at her her eyes were still so amazing making me get lost all over again there was just something about her but I couldn't help myself I just had to get lost in her eyes “uh yeah I know a place just off campus” I said muttering my words we started walking out across campus once again

” so how's your first day of college then having fun or ready to give up and go home” I said jokingly nudging her

” haha to be honest its going well thought I wouldn't fit in at all but some people are kind of nice around here I already met some cool people ” Claire said just as we reached the edge of campus

” see I told you this place wasn't so bad well not until you get use to it at least” I jokingly replied to her

“haha well I think I've already met the kind of person I want to be around” Claire said confusing me not sure if she was flirting or not witch made my heart from being so nervous I couldn't do anything but look at her without trying not to smile we kept walking untill we had our lunch and started to walk back to college and on the way we saw a old oak tree in the middle of a green clearing so we both figured it was the best place to eat our lunch and get some shade from the heat around here we walked into the field and sat under the tree “so you never did really say why you had to move here all I know about you is that your from Ohio mind filling in the blanks” I said trying to find out more about her “if you really want to know my dad grew up here and when my mum died of cancer he said it was a good time to get a new start on things so we moved back here and my dad new a old friend called Marcus and that's how I got the job and then I applied for a couple of colleges and this was the one I chose” I just sat there silent not really knowing what to say for a while “oh im sorry about your mum I know its hard getting over people you love and care about” I could see that she was trying not to cry even though she wasn't doing such a good job of it she was sitting just across from me so I pulled her close putting my arms around her cuddling her to make sure she was ok “hey listen smile ok I know its hard but I don't think you should ruin that smile just yet I mean that's the only good part of my day so far” I replied with a smile making her giggle as my eyes locked into hers it was like I was stuck in a trance my hole body felt so nervous my heart was racing fast my mind was a blank I closed my eyes and lent forward feeling our lips meet and my heart going crazy i felt like it was going to burst out of my chest the kiss was so soft and so amazing I just couldn't pull away I mean I've only just met this girl and I felt this connection with her something I've never felt about anyone before in my life and as the kiss broke we just stared into each others eyes her amazing dark brown eyes it was like I was lost all over again and the feeling in my chest we just looked at each other smiling and not saying a word untill her phone started to ring “oh hi dad yeah ill be home soon just finishing off some extra curricular work” she said shooting me a wink witch only resulted in me smiling even more before she put the phone down “umm I kind of have to go sorry but ill see you in work tomorrow right” she said standing up and smiling but my heart could barely take it beating so fast “ill be looking forward to it” I replied still having my eyes locked onto hers “oh hey and here your jacket I totally forgot about it” she said taking it off and trying to give it back “no keep it it suits you better anyway” I replied trying to control how much I was smiling she just smiled walked up to me and kissed me again even softer this time and before turning around and walking off looking back at me just one more time I couldn't move just watched her walk away and lent up against the oak tree holding my chest thinking as crazy as it was that I might be falling in love with this girl

I picked up my back pack and soon left leaving the big oak tree standing in the field I walk home not in a rush this time more in a confused state thinking how strange this day was turning out I took the subway home because i thought it would be quicker than walking I arrived at my stop and after walking up the steps I soon saw it again the same park where that dam rock exploded the police still had it blocked off to the public but I had to find out what this thing but I wasn't going to get any answers hanging around this place so I went home searched for my keys again and threw my backpack straight onto the floor just as I walked in closing the door behind me “hey Amy you home yet” I said looking in the kitchen but I didn't see anyone there I went into the living room to see if Amy was watching TV but no luck there either so I ran up the stairs to her room and to my surprise she wasn't there but I figured this was as good of a time as any to try and figure out what happened to me last night i thought back to my hand and how it healed up in the blink of an I knew something was wrong with me but I had to find out if it wasn't all in my head but as crazy as it seemed I needed to know so I walked into the kitchen and went into the knife draw pulling one out I thought back to my hand that if there was something wrong with me this would prove it I held out my hand and cut across the palm of it as quickly as I could I shrieked at the pain of it dropping the knife on the floor before staring at my hand but my hand started to burn again not as bad as before but my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw the skin start to grow back and heal itself so quickly that if I blinked I would of missed it I sat down on one of the stools in the kitchen looking at my hand i mean one second it was bleeding and split open then nothing I thought about going to the doctor but how could I explain something as crazy as this no if I wanted to find out what was wrong with me I would have to do it myself no matter how hard it would be and the first thing to do was go back to the park and try to peace together what this could be I went back up stairs to my room kicking off my shoes and laying on my bed staring at the ceiling lost in my mind but I didn't notice how much time passed just having my eyes closed for awhile I didn't even hear the front door open and Amy come home untill she jumped on me making me open my eyes and laugh at the same time

“so missy what have you been off doing then thought you would be here when I came back” I said nudging her back on the bed

“sorry I was at Katie's house I sent you a text didn't you get it” Amy said showing me her phone and the message she sent I searched threw my pocket to find my phone what was still dead from the other night

” no that's my fault my battery's on dead ice sorry so are you up for a movie night then ” I said trying to find the charger to my cell phone but having no luck

” yep sound's good to me ill go pick out some movies for us to watch ill see yah down stairs” Amy said before running down I couldn't see my charger insight so I gave up looking and decided to take a quick shower and just calm down from how stressful the day was and It really did help well sort of the hot water was relaxing and settling for a couple of minutes but i couldent stay in here for life so I jumped out of the shower grabbing a towel off the rack and walked into my bedroom turning the light on but as I went to go and grab some clean clothes the light started to flicker again just like the night before with the street lamp it seemed to get worse flicking on and off untill the bulb exploded shattering glass over the floor forcing me to jump back falling against the dresser just managing to get my balance in time now i knew something was wrong something badly wrong I opened my draw and pulled out a pair of jeans and a hoody out before quickly throwing it on and getting out of the bedroom as soon as I could not wanting to even think about what was going on I went down stairs into the living room and saw Amy picking out some action and horror movies for us to watch “Amy pass me your phone quickly I want to order pizza for us” I said poking my tongue out at her making her giggle and the rest of the night went ok we had pizza sat on the sofa watching action movies one after another all the way from die hard to the some martial arts film then horror movies like saw 2 and final destination untill Amy fell asleep cuddled up to me on the sofa but even the movies couldn't distract my brain from wondering back to everything that was happening I leaned my head back on the sofa and just closed my eyes for a second to think about Claire and the kiss we shared together and how that it was the only thing in a long time that really did make genuinely happy and able to cope with the day and everything that was happening I mean my life wasn't exactly great its just me and Amy and apart from that working at a restaurant for as much money as I can get just to make ends meet wasn't exactly a dream come true there had to be something more to life than this was the last thought in my head before I fell asleep but something inside me screamed out like my hole brain shut down except one side a dark unclear side that I never knew was there untill now but before i knew it my eyes were open and it was morning

I looked down at Amy still fast asleep on the sofa spread out I slowly moved her head off of my lap and walked into the kitchen to check what time it was and to my surprise it was only 7:30 in the morning so I figured I might as well make breakfast for her before I had to leave for work so I turned on the stove to heat up the frying pan and turned the radio on but just as my hand touched the radio I felt a massive pulse of electricity shatter threw my whole body consuming my every feeling I pulled my hand away scared as hell at first but more curious than scared I slowly reached my hand back up to the radio and felt the pulse shattering its way threw my body again I could feel my heart getting faster in my chest painful at first but then it started to feel good like I was full of energy I felt stronger I herd the radio slowly die away untill I pulled my hand away and stared at my hands I could still feel the electricity in my body pulsing threw my veins but the most worrying thing was that I wasn't scared anymore I was to curious and to worked up to stop myself I ran up stairs bursting into my room looking where I left my cell trying not to tread on the glass I just had to test something I tried to focus the feeling pulsing threw my body my hand started to burn untill a bright light blinded me and forced me to close my eyes in pain I stepped back tripping over and landing in the door way and I saw my phone laying on the floor but I couldn't believe it my phone was fully powered up I picked it up not hesitating this time and the battery level showed that it was full I could hardly believe it first my cut healed within seconds and now I can feel electricity pulsing threw my body and I can even directly transfer it to other objects but I didn't have time to marvel at what was happening because as I looked up I saw Amy staring at me “um hey sis uh did you sleep well then” I said with a nervous laugh

” Jake what are you doing in here and why are you laying on the floor” Amy replied with the most confused look that id never seen

“oh um nothing big just cleaning and i tripped up that's all” I replied still really uneasy on what to say to her

“oh ok then im going to jump in the shower so ill be out in 10 minutes” Amy said shrugging her shoulders and walking off down the hall I just stared at the phone in my hand wondering if I was going crazy or not but at the same time so curious on what was happening I put my phone in my pocket before sitting on my bed and going over that night in the park whatever was inside that rock was now inside me or worse a apart of me but I knew what I had to do after work cops or no cops I had to sneak into the park and find out but for now I had to get ready so I cleaned up the glass from the bulb that shattered put on a pair of jeans and a top grabbed my backpack with my work clothes in and walked down stairs but as I walked I the kitchen there was smoke everywhere then I remembered the pan and started to panic I turned off the stove and reach for the frying pan but I instantly dropped it as it scolded my hand forcing me to shout in pain I looked at my hand already seeing the dark burnt skin where I scolded my hand but it happened again my hand the damaged skin started to heel the black shadowy colour faded like it never happened I opened the back door trying to get most of the smoke out but I was still distracted by everything that was happening I looked at the clock and soon saw I had to leave I quickly wrote a not for Amy who still wasn't out of the shower then headed out the front door but as I walked to work I tried to clear my head it was like I couldn't stop going over and over what has happened in my head one but the most scary thing about it was that I was started to enjoy it I don't feel tired anymore I don't feel like life was passing me by the last 2 days have been the best in a while like I had all this pent up energy inside me and it didn't feel like it was going to end but I put the thought in the back of my mind as time flew by and I was almost at work I came in through the back again and got changed when no one was around or at least I thought no one was I herd a noise and turned around then felt some ones lips forced up against mine but when I opened my eyes I could see Claire standing there with a smile on her face

” did you miss me sorry I had to leave yesterday especially after that kiss” Claire said with a wink and a smile

“couldn't think about anything else” I replied kissing her back even though my mind had been preoccupied with what was going on but before I could reply we herd one of the lockers shut and Marcus was standing there leaning against the wall with a smile

” well its good to see the both of you are getting along well ” he remarked with a hesitant laugh me and Claire just both looked at each other with a cheeky smile before turning our heads to face Marcus again “you both have five minutes to get ready before I come back” he replied laughing and walking out

” I may be wrong but I think the secretes out about us” I said smirking before pulling her close to me

“who said anything about me wanting it to be a secret” Claire replied confusing me with a smile before she kissed me again pushing me back against the locker and walking over to get ready for work she quickly got ready and we both walked out of the room into the kitchen where Marcus was waiting for us

“hey guys Jake your going to be working at the bar and Claire your in the kitchen with me today” me and Claire both looked at each other disappointed at the fact that we wouldn't be working together today of all days after yesterday i just looked at Claire with a disappointed face as I walked out to the bar seeing Joe behind the bar stacking the fridges with beer before looking up and seeing me “Jake what's up man how was your day off dude”

“lets just say the time could of gone by a little slower if you catch my drift”

“yeah I hear you no argument there so did you get up to anything fun this time my man or just crashed out like I did”

“yeah I guess you could say that” I said looking at him smirking at the thought of me and Claire

“come on then are you going to tell me or do I have to nag at you untill I get my answer” Joe said laughing but with a suspicious look

” lets just leave it as after everything that's happened things might be looking up now shut up and help me stock the fridges” I replied laughing and nudging passed him to pick up some more bottles of beer for the fridge

” well good for you man its about times things started shaping up for you dude im glad but if you ask me things are going to shape up for me in just a second” Joe said pointing to a hot blond that just walked into the restaurant and was now heading for the bar I just couldn't control my self from laughing lets say Joe didn't exactly have the best record with meeting new people especially woman for that matter “what's so funny hey I have 5 dollars that I get her number” he said so sure of himself “sounds like easy money to me your on” I remarked barely able to stop myself from laughing as Joe walked over to the other end of the bar where she was standing but within 2 minutes he had a drink thrown over him and was shot down with the most embarrassing look I think I've ever seen on his face but not even that could stop me from laughing “hey what happened I don't see any number let me guess you tried one of your pick up lines that didn't exactly work out the best way it could have” he handed me 5 dollars and didn't answer me witch made me even more curious “come on so what happened” I said urging him to tell me “um she's a lesbian she was meant to be meeting her girlfriend here” but as he said that it caught me totally off guard to the point I was almost on the floor laughing “Jake its not funny man shut up” I finally managed to stop myself from laughing all I could do was look at him and say “chill out ok I mean how was you to know that but its still pretty funny” Joe just looked at me trying to hide the smirk coming through on his face untill he was laughing the same as I was if not louder but we just carried on serving people untill it was almost 3 I must of been caught up in a day dream because when I looked back around I felt some one grabbing my hand and pulling me into the locker room but as we went through the door I could obviously see it was Claire

” hey handsome I missed you” Claire said pushing her soft warm lips to mine making my heart race as I put my hands on her hips

” hey are you busy tonight did you want to catch a movie with me and a couple of friends means we can spend some quality time together” I said with a smile but soon drifted away after I saw the reaction on her face

“umm I have to babysit my little brother tonight but how about after college me and you meet at the old oak tree again and I promise there will be no distractions” Claire said grabbing my hand and putting her fingers between mine witch brought back that same old smile to my face again

” well in that case you couldn't keep me away if you tried” I replied holding her hand just that little bit tighter as I looked into her dark brown hazel eyes but the silence was soon broken by the ringing of Claire's phone again

” I have to go im sorry ill see you tomorrow ok handsome” she said right after giving me one last kiss and walking out the I just lent my head against the locker's and closed my eyes for just a second before getting changed and rustling through my backpack for my phone when I found it I looked at the battery level what was still at a 100% and reminded me that I had to go to the park and find out what this thing was but for now I had some time to myself I put my backpack on and went out of the emergency door feeling the burning heat against my skin from the gazing sun I walked down the street to the movie theatre but something was wrong I could feel it inside me at first it almost felt like i was feeling hungry but I just ignored it figuring it would go away soon i arrived at the movie theatre and waited out side for Kyle but I couldn't shake this feeling of hunger it felt like I haven't eaten in a week but I didn't have to wait around long for Kyle to turn up “hey Jake what's up my man oh and this is Sam peter Sarah tiffany and Ashley and everyone this is Jake” Kyle said with a fairly happy look on his face “uh hey” I muttered under my breath not really knowing anyone but as we walked into the movie theatre the hunger wouldn't leave I started to almost feel weak from it I had to eat something to stop this hunger so I walked up to the snack bar and bought 2 boxes of red vines hoping anything would get rid of this dam hunger “hey Jake come on man the movies going to start” I herd Kyle call out to me while he was standing in line with the others to buy tickets to some action flick but eventually we bought our tickets and were now trying to find our seats at the back but the hunger was almost consuming my body I herd the ringing in my ears start all over again my head started to ache I could feel the sharp cutting pain behind my eyes but this time worse as I sat there trying to stop the hunger by eating red vine after red vine until almost both of the packets were gone but everyone else was to distracted talking as the movie started to even notice my hands shaking from the pain and the hunger I managed to make it half way through the film before I couldn't take it anymore but Kyle was to busy kissing tiffany to even notice me get up and stager out of the movie theatre and into the lobby my hole body started to burn again and the hunger was growing I managed to walk out side and prop myself up against a wall and regain some of my strength before I started walking down a allyway at the side of the cinema for a short cut home but as I got closer to the back of the theatre I could hear voices arguing and while i walked closer I could clearly see what all the fuss was about there were 3 guys stood crowded around some one

” what the hell is your problem you freak are you deaf I said get the fuck away from me” and just then it hit me I knew that voice the same ignorant voice that sent be flying onto my ass

“come on all we want to do is play a little game we will be friendly baby I promise” I herd one of the guys say to her before one of them grabbed her wrist forcing her to let out a scream of pain

” I think you should shut your mouth before we get really nasty” another one of the them said in a deep voice and then I realised what the hell was I doing even if she was a bitch I couldn't let something happen to her or these dick head's push her around or even worse

“I don't think she likes being touched” I said trying not to seem as weak as I felt but as soon as the words left my lips I saw all 3 of them turn to face me

“mind your own business were trying to teach this bitch some manners here” one of the bigger looking guys snarled at me “hey freak who the fuck do you think your calling a bitch” she said trying to shove the guy off but I wished she would just shut up and not make it worse for her self

” yeah well looks like I cant do that at this point but ill tell you what why not let her go and you can all go home with no trouble” I replied trying to sound as confident as I can I mean I knew how to fight but the problem was how I felt and the fact of the matter is 3 huge guys vs. me alone I didn't really want to see how that would end out

“just walk away kid I mean what are you her boyfriend or something” he said turning to face her “so girly is your boy friend here going to save you” the guy holding her wrist said making the other 2 guys laugh “shut up perv he's not my friend he's nothing to do with me” she almost screamed at him making me to think what the hell was her issue with me

“so what's it going to be kid get your ass beaten for this worthless stuck up bitch or walk away” but no matter how badly in pain I felt I couldn't just leave her here with them

” yeah well see here's the thing im going to have to say no to that” I said with a smirk to look as confident and as ready as I could be dropping my backpack to the floor but all that was running through my head was that this wasn't going to end well

“why don't you 2 deal with that fucking kid before we get started” I herd the biggest guy there say before the 2 of them started to walk towards me untill we were no more than five feet away from each other “wait” I said pulling out the red vines from my pocket and offering them one just to piss them off ” liquorice anyone”

but as I said it one of them tried to grab hold of me but luckily I moved out the way quickly enough to miss him but at a cost making me almost stagger to the floor with the pain in my head “wow your fast” I laughe trying to sound more and more confident but I don't think it was working to well by the looks on there faces I ducked out the way just in time to miss a punch off of one of them I ducked back up again smashing my fist into the side of the guys face sending him clambering to the ground but I was caught of guard because just at that moment I felt a splitting pain in my jaw from where the one of them smacked me sending my ass right down to the floor as I looked up I could only see a shadow from one of them standing there so I grabbed hold of his ankles and sent him onto the concrete with me I leached forward bringing myself up to this assholes chest and kept smashing my fist into his face again and again but with every punch my body felt weaker and weaker untill the guy was stone cold out I looked straight up at the girl wondering where did the big guy go but I soon found my answer in the form of a brick being smashing against my skull forcing me onto my back as this ginormous moron stood in front of me I couldn't see clearly my vision was blurred my eyes were burning my hole body felt so drained and worst of all the hunger came back so strong it felt like it would tear me apart my head was bleeding out onto the concrete my knuckles were covered in blood but I managed to find the strength to leach myself forward onto my feat but the guy stood in front of me laughing but as his eyes met mine his face turned almost like he was scared of something but instead of thinking to much into it I saw my chance and I went for it I managed to grab his keck wrapping my hand around it but before I could hit him with my opposit clenched fist I felt something rush through his body and into me I could feel the life draining from his body his eyes began to glaze over a misty white but I couldn't stop the feeling felt so good the hunger started to get stronger untill he was on his knees I could see the veins in his body start to appear running down his throat and neck untill I forced myself to pull away I just stared at my blood soaked hands from where my knuckles were split open but they started to close the wounds healed even the one from where this asshole almost split my skull wide open but the blood was still covering my hands I looked back up just in time to see the 2 of them try and run off carrying that asshole of a friend of theres I fell onto my knees freaked out at what just happened to me

” umm are you ok you know you didn't have to do that for me I can take care of myself” I looked back up seeing her standing above me

“look I just saved you from having a really bad day with some really bad people so why don't you say those magic words and stop acting so protective” I screeched at her already being pissed off and freaked out by what just happened but she just stood there silent staring at me

“look I don't have time for this ill see you around” i replied standing up grabbing my backpack and running for the nearest alleyway leaving her standing there alone but it wasn't my problem I already got my ass beat for stopping those assholes all for her and her fucking ignorent attitude but I had bigger problems to figure out right now so I left running down a alleyway untill I knew I was far away from anyone I looked at my hands trying to clear the blood off using my t-shirt that was already soaked with blood i lean against the wall sliding down it and my suspicions were right my knuckles were perfectly fine again the burning that plagued me the pain the ringing in my ears stopped but the one thing that really haunted me was what did I do to that guy the hunger I felt when I touched his body like his life became mine and with every passing moment I could feel myself growing stronger from what i did to that guy I have to find out what's happening to me and i have to find out now.

Hentai: (C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean]

(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 0(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 1(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 2(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 3(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 4(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 5(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 6(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 7(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 8(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 9(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 10(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 11(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 12(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 13(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 14(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 15(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 16(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 17(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 18(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 19(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 20(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 21(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 22(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 23(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 24(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 25(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 26(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 27(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 28(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 29(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 30(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 31(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 32(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 33(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 34(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 35(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 36(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 37(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 38(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 39(C85) [PLANT (Tsurui)] Ama-Ama Iorin | 달콤달콤 이오링 (THE IDOLMASTER) [Korean] 40

(C85) [PLANT (鶴井)] 甘々いおりん (アイドルマスター) [韓国翻訳]

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