Periscope One Peice Sloppy Blow Job

god, i cant believe she actually asked me to fuck her, what was i gonna say? no? no way in hell would i miss my chance

Brittany: “oh god Chris, its so big!”

Chris: ” if you wouldn't mind, i would like to skip the blowjob until later and get right to the fucking” i see in the corner of my eye that samantha is still just laying there looking shocked that i was going to fuck her best friend. Sam: “oh my god, he is soo cute”

“well you know what? there he is, all alone, you should go tell him how you feel

“maybe your right, wish me luck”

Brittany: “good luck Sam”

Sam: “hey Brandon!”

Brandon: “oh hey Sam, whats up”

Sam: “um, i was just wandering if you happened to like me”

Brandon: “oh, I'm sorry Sam but i only like you as friends”

Sam: “oh well I'm sorry

i guess that is not the answer she was looking for, she went back to brittany with tears in her eyes.

Hentai: one peice

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