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He always wanted too but I'd never let him, that was then however, and this is a new me – a drunk, horny me. In my stupidity I forgot all about condoms, but he didn't seem to care.

Hentai: (C87) [Maron Koubou (Sagano Yuuji)] Nagusame | consolation [English] [youjonooshikko]

Nagusame | consolation 1Nagusame | consolation 2Nagusame | consolation 3Nagusame | consolation 4Nagusame | consolation 5Nagusame | consolation 6Nagusame | consolation 7Nagusame | consolation 8Nagusame | consolation 9

(C87) [まろん工房 (サガノユウジ)]なぐさめ[英訳]

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