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so he grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his dick and worked my hand up and down telling me just like this,I could hear his breathing getting faster as I stroked him, he told me how good it felt and what a good girl i was to do this for him, as I was stroking thinking ok this is easy he told me baby i want you to kiss my cock and then suck it like a sucker I leaned over and started kissing and sucking i felt him put his hands over my head and move me up and down then he pushed me back and told me baby watch daddy is going to cum, I watched as he shot his cum all over his belly, he got his breath back and wiped off asking me what i thought i told him it was wierd. More Info .

Hentai: [Hori Hiroaki] Mesuochi Z ~Kyousei Ninkatsu Haigou Zukan~ [Chinese]

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[堀博昭]メスオチZ ~強制妊活配合図鑑~[中国翻訳]

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