[Tori No Oishii Tokoro (Torisan)] Goblin’s Slave ~Reizoku Sennou De Goblin No Geboku Ni Ochiru Mesu Boukensha-tachi~ [Chinese]

She seemed to welcome my tongue, duelling her own with mine, exploring my mouth with more and more urgency, allowing me to taste myself. It was divine, drawing my aching tight nipples of flesh into her mouth, sucking and raking her teeth making me moan.

Hentai: [Tori no Oishii Tokoro (Torisan)] Goblin’s Slave ~Reizoku Sennou de Goblin no Geboku ni Ochiru Mesu Boukensha-tachi~ [Chinese]

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[とりのおいしいところ (鳥三)]ゴブリンズ・スレイブ ~隷属洗脳でゴブリンの下僕に堕ちるメス冒険者たち~[中国翻訳]

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