Artist ❤️❤️ 雲丹谷

As his cock reached its full size of eleven inches they each kneeled down in front of him Amy to his left a Tina to his right. “Why were you two in that cave” Lilith finally asked

“Lilith, the question is not why they were in the cave” Adonis said not taking his eyes off the foxes “but who are they hiding from”

“What do you mean Adonis they were probably just getting out of the storm that was a few nights back” Lilith said

“Don’t be naive Lilith” Adonis said “Amy is hiding the collar with her blouse, and not very well I might add”
Amy pulled the blanket tightly around her neck to hide the now obvious collar.

Hentai: Artist ❤️❤️ 雲丹谷

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Artist ❤️❤️ 雲丹谷

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